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Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb

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Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb showcases a variety of vibrant hues, including shades of pink, purple, yellow, and white.

Growing Condition:

— Temp: 8-15 Degree Celsius
— Soil: Well-draining rich soil

Quantity: (Pcs of 01 bulb)

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Care Level

Beginner Level

— Pot size require 8- 10 inch
— Thrives in sandy soil


Once in a Week in Winter (low temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius)

— Well-draining soil
— Keep the soil moist until the bulb starts sprouting


Outside Full Sunlight

— Thrive in full sunlight to partial shade
— Prefer cold temperatures ranging from 8 to 14 degrees Celsius

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Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb
Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb, available at Upjau.in, showcases a variety of vibrant hues, including shades of pink, purple, yellow, and white. Known for its elegant, trumpet-shaped flowers and long-lasting blooms, this bulb adds sophistication to any garden or floral arrangement.

*Product Images are real. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc. 

How to care for Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb:

  • Plant bulbs in well-drained, fertile soil with partial sun to full shade.
  • Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, as waterlogged soil can cause bulbs to rot.
  • Provide adequate spacing between bulbs to allow for proper air circulation and prevent overcrowding.
  • Apply a balanced fertilizer monthly during the growing season to promote healthy growth and flowering.

Top Benefits of Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb:

  • Produces stunning, long-lasting flowers with a unique trumpet shape, making it a focal point in any garden.
  • Available in a variety of colors, allowing for creative landscaping and floral arrangements.
  • Attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies, contributing to garden biodiversity.
  • Excellent as cut flowers for bouquets and floral decorations, adding elegance to any occasion.

Where to Keep Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb:

  • Plant in containers, borders, or along garden pathways for a striking visual display.
  • Grow in partial sun to full shade for optimal flower production and to prevent scorching of foliage.
  • Combine with other shade-loving plants such as ferns, hostas, and impatiens for a lush garden setting.
  • Bring indoors to enjoy as a houseplant in bright, indirect light.

The Importance of Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb:

  • Adds elegance and sophistication to garden landscapes, weddings, and special events.
  • Symbolizes purity, beauty, and rebirth, making it a popular choice for bridal bouquets and floral arrangements.
  • Requires minimal care and maintenance, making it suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners.
  • Provides long-lasting blooms that continue to enchant and delight throughout the growing season.

11 reviews for Calla Lily Imported Mix Colour Bulb

  1. Preeti Singhania (verified owner)

    Good selection

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    Reasonable prices

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    Very fast delivery.

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    Excellent quality

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    Prompt delivery

  6. Priya Gupta (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

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    Impressive variety

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    Good selection

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    Variety offered

  10. Nisha Kapoor (verified owner)

    All the products I received from Upjau were carefully packaged and healthy. I appreciate the attention to detail.

  11. Shalini Mishra (verified owner)

    I recently purchased seeds, bulbs and Plants from Upjau and was impressed by the quality and variety available.

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