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Confused about how to grow Dendrobium orchids plant? We’ve you covered. Sometimes, considered the most admired orchid, the Dendrobium orchids are cherished for their varied blooms and relative ease of care. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to how to grow and characteristics of these attractive-looking dendrobium orchids with success. At Upjau, the best online plant nursery in India, offers varieties of Dendrobium orchids to elevate your space today, keep exploring its characteristics and buy dendrobium orchids online from us!

1. Botanical Name and Description

The genus Dendrobium, from the Greek “dendron” meaning tree and “bios” meaning life, refers to their epiphytic growth habit, on trees. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants, but do not derive their nutrition from that host plant. These orchids perhaps are best known for their cane-like stems and the variety of colors and flower forms. Their adaptability coupled with fantastic flowers makes them very popular with all types of orchid fanciers from the seasoned collector to the new hobbyist.

2. Care of Dendrobium Orchids

You will have to look after the requirements concerning the plants themselves. This includes:

● Light: This should be bright, but indirect; under direct sunlight, the leaves get easily scorched.

● Watering: When the growing medium is dry to the touch on top inch; during winter months it gets less.

● Humidity: 50-70% A tray can sit alongside the plant, attending well to pay for the regular misting of the orchid.

●Fertilizing: Well-balanced orchid fertilizer every 2-4 weeks while in growth. An orchid will not require much fertilizing during the dormant period.

●Pruning: Remove dead canes and leaves of the orchid. Spent flower spikes can be pruned accordingly after they have flowered to encourage synthesis of new flowering spikes.

3. Best pots for Dendrobium Orchids

A pot makes a big difference in the health and here’s how to grow Dendrobium orchids in pots:

● Material: Clay, plastic and specialist orchid baskets work well. Clay allows excellent aeration while plastic retains some moisture.

● Size: Allow your orchid a snug pot fitted to the plant’s root system, as they like to be slightly root-bound.

● Drainage: The pot should be fitted with good drainage holes. Water the Dendrobiums well, but be careful that water does not collect in the bottom of the pot. This will cause the roots to rot.

4. How to grow Dendrobium Orchids?

Dendrobium orchids are grown as below:

● Planting Medium: The medium should be well draining. This can be in the form of bark, perlite, or sphagnum moss. Regular potting soil takes in extra moisture and retains. It is not a good thing for them.

● Re-potting: Re-pot your orchid plant at least once every 2-3 years or when the growth medium is decomposed. Do this after blooming is complete.

● Air Circulation: Good air circulation should be provided around the plant to avoid fungal diseases and allow proper growth in the plant.

5. Where is the best place to put a Dendrobium Orchid?

● Facts: You want your orchid placed alongside a sunny window with indirect filtered light. The windows should face east or west.

● Outdoor: In the event that you set it outdoors, the pot needs to be placed in shade so that very direct harsh sunlight does not fall on it directly. Keep away from cold drafts or heat sources like radiators; this shall stress out the plant.

6. Does Dendrobium orchid plants need sunlight?

The Dendrobium orchid plants do well in:

●Bright Indirect Light: The aim is to have light that is bright and filtered. An east window gives a gentle morning light while a shaded south or west window may also do if filtered by a curtain of gauze.

● Light Intensity: 2,000 to 3,000 foot-candles is the best range. Light that’s too low may prevent the plant from blooming while too high may burn them.

7. Temperature Conditions for Dendrobium Orchids

The temperature conditions Dendrobium orchid plants are:

● Day: 70-85°F(21-29°C)

● Night: 55-65°F (13-18°C)

A drop in temperature at night will induce the orchid’s blooming. They can tolerate occasional fluctuations but never extreme temperatures.

8. Kinds of Dendrobium Orchid plants

Dendrobium orchids come as a large genus; over 1,500 species have been classified to date. There are the following types:

● Phalaenopsis-type: larger and longer ervatie, better likes warmth.

● Nobile-type: It carries smaller, fragrant flowers that are on the canes. It requires a cooler, drier winter rest for flowerings to appear.

Thus, these types possess different growth habits and other bloom characteristics—what makes Dendrobium one of the most diversified orchid genera under cultivation.

9.Explore and buy Dendrobium Orchids online

  1. Orchid Dendrobium Carol : The Orchid Dendrobium Carol is one of the exquisite blooms, often known for its intricate patterns and a beautiful play of colors. It’s flowers are arranged in cascading or upright spikes, which creates aa spectacular display . Also ,enhances any floral arrangement in your garden area.
  2. Orchid Dendrobium Airy Lovely Splash: The Airy Lovely Splash Dendrobium orchids attributes dazzling blooms with a pretty splash of color, with intricate patterns and velvety textures.
  3. Orchid Dendrobium Aridang 3 Lip: The Aridang 3 Lip Dendrobium orchids is a beautiful distinctive three-lipped flowers with lively colors and intricate patterns.
  4. Orchid Dendrobium Betty Rose Purple: The Betty Rose Purple Dendrobium orchids is an exquisite plant with deep purple flowers with velvety textures.
  5. Orchid Dendrobium Karen X Compactum: Perfect for enhancing indoor decor, patios, or shaded garden spots, the Karen X Compactum Dendrobium orchids exhibits an elegant and exotic visual impact with their blooms and graceful growth patterns.
  6. Orchid Dendrobium Woon Leng Chao Phraya: These orchids adapt well to various growing conditions and display options, making them a versatile addition to any collection
  7. Orchid Dendrobium Hirochi: Hirochi Dendrobium orchids can bloom multiple times a year, providing ongoing beauty with minimal care. Its best suitable for the beginners.
  8. Orchid Dendrobium (Bom x udomsri) x Jac Concert var.Kanjana : These Dendrobium orchids boast intricate, waxy blooms in shades of Chocolate. Adding an exotic touch to floral arrangements and enhancing the beauty of bouquets.
  9. Orchid Dendrobium Liberty White :Dendrobium orchids boast intricate, waxy blooms in shades of White Green with a captivating visual display.
  10. Orchid Dendrobium Red Forever : Originating from tropical and subtropical regions across Asia, Dendrobium orchids Red Forever are renowned for their exotic, sophisticated blooms and elegant growth habits. 

Do not limit yourself to the above 10 dendrobium orchids, we have a huge collection !

how to grow dendrobium orchids plant

10. Dendrobium Orchid flowering time

Dendrobium orchid flowering season-

It blooms annually, mostly in late winters to early spring. Note : it also depends on species and overall conditions . Do Dendrobium orchids flower again? is the most asked question by plant lovers : Few varieties have extended flowering period or may bloom several times in a year.

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These are great guidelines to follow in enjoying the beauty and varieties of Dendrobium orchid plant by making your collection an addition with their beautiful and varied blooms. They can offer a challenging yet fantastic experience for any newbie or professional gardener.

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